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Breathe Out.

You've found the right place.

Here you'll find the tools you need to experience a smooth pregnancy and to enjoy the best birth for you and your baby.

Breathe In
Believe in your Body​
Breathe Out
You are Powerful
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Hello! I'm Lisa.

I've been a nurse for 20 years and spent my career looking after women and children. For the last eight years, I've focussed on midwifery, with a strong interest in supporting every woman to have the best birth possible.

At Breathe and Birth, I share my knowledge with you. It's the place to be reminded that your body can do marvellous things (it already is, it's growing a human!) and that the upcoming big event in your life - birth and meeting your baby - is going to be pretty amazing. 

Hypnobirthing classes and Pregnancy Support calls can help to:

-Instil belief in your ability to birth your beautiful baby

 -Open up conversation with your team 

 -Identify what positive birth means to you

Education and understanding empowers choice 

Private Telehealth Consultations

These calls are currently provided at no cost to clients

Common reasons for private midwifery support calls:

Overcoming fear of birth

Help with breastfeeding - including before your baby arrives

Childbirth Education Revision - very popular for mums having a subsequent baby.

Sleep and Settling Techniques

Recovering from birth

Planning a loving and connected elective c/section

What others say: 

Lisa changed my way of thinking when it came to giving birth. Instead of being scared, I was more pumped and excited. Lisa emphasises that it's mind over matter and it's how you approach labour. She talks about connecting with your baby, using different language such as embracing a contraction and focusing on your breathing. Find your happy place being calm and just letting your body relax. After our session with Lisa, she took us through a meditation which enabled us to connect with our body. It felt like you were hypnotised but you could still hear your surroundings. The more I practised my hypnobirthing, the better I got at controlling my mind and my body."

Kim - Aussie Diamonds Netballer

I was able to achieve the natural birth I dreamed of with the support of the Hypnobirthing course at Breathe and Birth with Lisa. Baby Arlo arrived into the world on the 4th of April, 10 days post his 'guess date'. Lisa was such an amazing support leading up to the birth, particularly when my due date came and went. Lisa supported me to regain my confidence and an open mind regardless of how my baby decided to make an appearance. In the end, my labour started naturally and after 15 hours and everything going exactly as I had hoped, baby Arlo was born with the support of my husband, a couple of amazing midwives and hypnobirthing. My husband was also very prepared due to the tools and knowledge he had learnt during the course and it allowed us to work together so well during the labour. I'd recommend Lisa to any expectant woman and their birth partners!

Tash, Tim & Arlo

Friends of mine:

Friends of mine:

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Providing women-centred care is the ethos of Lionel's practice. The choices you make for you and your baby are respected and honoured. Lionel will support you in all birth choices, while keeping you and your baby safe.

Fiona Cowell web pic.png

Providing specialised care with warmth and compassion, informing women about all the options and giving choice about the birth they want. Specialising in high and low risk obstetrics.

kelly web pic.jpg

Kelly provides beautiful and bespoke birth photography. Personable, respectful and has an incredible talent to capture your birth, newborn and family.

Guy Skinner web pic.png

Dedicated to ongoing research and best practice obstetric and gynaecological care. With his own team of very experienced midwives, Dr Skinner will provide you with the most comprehensive and supportive care possible.


Claire Hewitt runs Well Communications and provides marketing and communications support for anyone working in the health sector. With years of experience working in hospitals, doctor and allied healthcare businesses, Claire can provide advice on every aspect of marketing for your business.

Briohny web pic.jpg

Briohny is an obstetrician who is passionate about providing exceptional patient centered care. Paramount to this is her dedication and caring nature that is fundamental to the individualised care provided to each of her patients.

Briohny places great importance on understanding her patient’s wishes while expertly guiding them to make informed choices and achieve a safe and healthy delivery.

CB8FA914-E3BA-424F-9DB8-D1A84187FC7C cop

Amy Sherer is a Midwife & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with a broad scope of practice experience from a continuity of care model to tertiary hospital maternity services. Amy is the founder of Her Luminary, a dynamic postnatal support, education, and lactation/breastfeeding consultancy service located in Melbourne. Amy's approach is holistic, gentle, and provides a non-judgemental space for Women and families to find confidence as new parents. 

Penny Johnstone web pic.jpg

When you're home with your baby one of the resources you can trust is the 'Babytalk Podcast'. A new episode comes out every week full of helpful informationfrom experts. There's a huge library of podcasts ranging from breastfeeding to toilet training and everything in-between.

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